Flashcards Practice


Phrases: Come… (emerge)

Study Tips

1. Listen to each word as your read the written form.
2. Say the word and listen again to compare your pronunciation.
3. Flip the card and read the definition.
4. Say the word to complete the example sentence. (Flip the card back to check if necessary.)
5. Listen to the example sentence, and say it yourself.

come up

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become known (unexpectedly)

“I’m afraid a problem has come ______, so I won’t be able to attend the meeting this afternoon.”


come to light

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become widely known or evident

“Every day, more information about the scandal comes to ______.”


come out

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Become known, made public

“Despite his excellent public record, It came ______ that he had been living a double life.”


come through

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become apparent through actions

“Though he did his best to appear calm, the fear came ______ in his trembling hands.”


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