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Clothes & Appearance: Sets of Clothes

Study Tips

1. Listen to each word as your read the written form.
2. Say the word and listen again to compare your pronunciation.
3. Flip the card and read the definition.
4. Say the word to complete the example sentence. (Flip the card back to check if necessary.)
5. Listen to the example sentence, and say it yourself.


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NOUN: set o clothes, typical of a person, culture, time, or thing

“My Cleopatra _____ will go perfectly with the ‘Romans’ theme of the party.”



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NOUN: combination of designs giving a unified appearance

It’s a really simple but eye-catching _____; red clothing with yellow boots, lipstick and glasses.”



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NOUN: set of clothes for an event or activity

“He didn’t have time to change, so he joined us at the opera in his frogman _____.”



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NOUN: collection of all the clothes that someone owns

“I don’t think my _____ really reflects who I am any more.”