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The bell rang - it was the end of the school day. As any other day I went back home walking, but today I really wanted to get home, I've been waiting for this moment all the day.

Today has taking place the Wimbledon's final, a famous and ancient tennis tournament in which all the players need to wear white clothes to participate and they play on grass. This year the final was between Diokovic and the new promise of Spanish tennis, Alcaraz.

No one could ever think what it finished as a victory for Carlitos, a new door open to him to grow up in tennis world.

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The bell rang - it was the end of the school day. I'd been waiting for this moment all day, and while I normally walk home, today I felt like running. 

You see, today was the Wimbledon final, and not just any tennis final, but the oldest and most famous tournament, the players dressed in their mandatory whites on the July grass of Centre Court. And the match between Diokovic and the new prodigious talent of Spanish tennis, Alcaraz, had already begun.

I felt my feet slowly quicken as I heard the cheers coming from the houses I passed, all of us still unaware that the biggest cheer would soon ring out across Spain.

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