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Animals: Noses

Study Tips

1. Listen to each word as your read the written form.
2. Say the word and listen again to compare your pronunciation.
3. Flip the card and read the definition.
4. Say the word to complete the example sentence. (Flip the card back to check if necessary.)
5. Listen to the example sentence, and say it yourself.


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NOUN: hard, pointed part of a bird’s mouth

“Parrots use their ____s for opening nuts, cleaning their feathers, and even to climb branches.”



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NOUN: hard, pointed part that grows from the head of cattle, goats, rhinoceros etc.

“It looks like that goat’s used its ____s in a few fights.”



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NOUN: nose and mouth that stick out from the face of animals like pigs and dogs

“Pigs’ _____s help them find tasty food buried in the earth.”



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NOUN: long, tube-shaped nose of an elephant

“Did you know that elephants can even use their _____s to pick up a peanut gracefully?”