What Can We Do To Be Happier?


What makes you happy? Is happiness very important to you? Who's the happiest person you know, and how do you think they achieve it? Could you happily give up your material possessions, or is there something you couldn't be happy without? What could you do to be happier? You can answer these questions (and any others in this class) on the board at the end of class.

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Video from The Atlantic: Website here (opens in new window)

Do you agree with what the speakers said? Is there anything important to you about happiness that they didn’t say?


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Grammar Focus: Adverbs of Degree

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Homework Questions

Questions using some expressions from the video

What is the biggest challenge to your happiness?
Do you think the best about other people, or are you more cautious?
What do you do to make closer social connections with people you know?
What’s the best recipe for staying happy?
What are more important things than being happy for you?
Are you ever a little too obsessed with anything? If so, what?

Homework Board

Here you can write a message and upload a document or even record your voice and post the mp3.