Welcome to LLT

This site is dedicated to supporting learners and teachers of English as a foreign language through interactive classes, homework/information boards and chats…
…LLT combines exercises typical in a student’s book with activities that are designed to support students and give them confidence in using the Internet in English. Activities are designed to be done by students learning on their own, as further practice of classroom activities or by teachers in the classroom, either off the page, or adapted to suit their needs.

All LLT material is covered by basic copyright law, but creative modification and copying for educational use is permitted.

While there is a huge quantity of free, online resources for students, it is often difficult to find quality materials that don’t feel like exercises from a workbook or that don’t make you pay for anything but the first exercise.

LLT, on the other hand, takes advantage of the non-linear format of the web to connect, recycle and extend activities, mixing great, external web content with LLT-generated practice resources.

The commercial side of LLT is non-profit, and the shop offers extended language practice without compromising on the quality and quantity of the free resources.

LLT is, and will remain advert free and limits the use of pop-up messages, so students can focus better on learning.

The virtual teachers room includes lesson plans, links to carefully-selected resource sites and help with theory and practice. Interactive message boards and a chat room offer support and the ability for teachers to communicate their ideas, share materials and network.

LLT is especially interested in collaborating with individual teachers and learning centres on a not-for-profit basis. (Please click on ‘collaboration’ in the menu.)