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1. Look at the words on the right (below definitions on small screens) spelt in phonetics.

Each letter in the corner corresponds to a number in the definitions below.

2. Click on a word to listen to the pronunciation and spelling.

3. Match the letter to the correct definition and look up any of the words you don’t know.

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Now click on the picture below to do a crossword. (Opens in new window)


Solution to Crossword

Weather Report – Listening

Listen to the weather report and answer the question below.

When you finish, check and continue to the next question..

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Blankety Blank

‘Blankety blank’ is an expression used to avoid saying something unprintable or unspeakable because it may cause offence. E.g. “He’s a bloody idiot!” would be changed to, “He’s a blankety blank.”

Listen to 4 speakers talking about the weather. When they say “blankety blank” decide which of the collocations below completes their sentence. Order the collocations as they appear in the listening.

Thanks to Cristina, Eva, Carmen and David for contributing.

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Tense Review

Look at the examples below from the text.

1. A very strong storm system is crossing Alabama.

2. It will be sunny in all regions.

3. New Orleans is still being rebuilt…

4. The power station…isn’t functioning properly…

5. The monsoon season has lasted longer than usual…

6. The country suffered a deadly heatwave last week…

7. In Spain, we’re used to the possibility of torrential rain…

8. The average rainfall has increased since 2009…

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