23 Jun

Enough Already!! It’s All Too Much!!


Friday 24th June, 2016

New mini-class presenting the use of ‘too‘ and ‘enough‘ for making complaints.

One day, years ago when I was working in a cafe, I had to open in the morning, and I woke up late, so there wasn’t enough time for me to have breakfast. There weren’t too many customers waiting when I arrived, but I was too tired to be polite and wasn’t quick enough for one old man who wanted his coffee immediately. I had a hard time staying calm as other customers joined him in complaining. But in the end it wasn’t too bad because a workmate arrived a few minutes later to help me set up the bar.

This is an example on the interactive board at the end of the class.

And the class is here:‘Too’ and ‘Enough’ (Level: B1)

Happy complaining!!

13 Mar

Jigsaw Fun

Sunday 13th March, 2016


How’s this for fun?

Fit the pieces of the jigsaw together to make 9 questions. If you want to see the picture, click on the icon at the bottom on the left. I need to, because jigsaws are difficult and my English isn’t as good as you might think – I use Doggle Translate for these posts!

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12 Mar

Cool Code for Definitions

Saturday 12th March, 2016


I wanted to highlight text to show it as clickable so used this CSS snippet:


And the html ’em’ attribute

<em>Woof!</em> to get:


Next, I wanted to create a definition when hovering over the text, which requires a simple html ‘span’:


so now we have:

Woof! Hover over ‘Woof’ if you have a mouse.

But what about touch devices with no hover capability? For this we need an ‘onClick’ event handler, so we get the same message when clicking on the word. Luckily, there are some Javascript snippets which work in html and don’t need separate scripting.


which gives us:
Woof! Click on ‘Woof!’ to see message in dialog box.

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