Speak of the Week Archive: September 2018

This week’s quiz: 24th-30th Sept, 2018

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Week: 17th-23rd Sept, 2018

Match verbs A-F below to complete the phrasal verbs with their definitions.
1. educate and care for a child until maturity – ______ up 2. mishandle a situation ______ up 3. prepare for use by cleaning or reapairing ______ up 4. end a romantic relationship ______ up 5. think of an new and unusual idea ______ up 6. talk to someone to show you are physically attracted to them ______ up A) chat B) mess C) bring D) break E) do F) dream
  • Answer
1. C) // 2. B) // 3. E) // 4. D) // 5. F) // 6. A)

Week: 10th-16 Sept, 2018

Choose which option below best completes the saying:
“All that glitters is not ____.” A) stars B) great C) gold D) shiny
  • Answer
c) gold

Week: 3rd-9th Sept, 2018

Which of the following words is a synonym for humid?
A) muggy B) buggy C) murky D) lanky
  • Answer
A) muggy