Speak of the Week Archive: October 2018

Week: 29th Oct – 5th Nov, 2018

Which word below is not a synonym of ‘ghost’?
A) spectre B) goul C) phantom D) being
  • Answer
D) being

Week: 22nd-28th October, 2018

Write the preposition that completes these four phrases:
1. “What do you think ____ John? I really like him, but…” 2. “I dreamt ____ you last night. Though you looked different.” 3. “Be patient, it’s just a question ____ time. She’ll forgive you.” 4. “Talk ____ The Devil. Look who’s just walked in.”
  • Answer
The preposition is ‘of’.

Week: 15th-21st October, 2018

Choose the option below which means ‘insufficient’
A) lack B) surplus c) leftovers D) replete
  • Answer
A) lack: “We lack the necessary materials to finish the project.” / “His lack of interest in school subjects is why his results are so poor.”

Week: 8th-14th October, 2018

Put the mini-dialogue below in the correct order, starting with:
1 = F) Arjun: Pari, have you seen my reading glasses? A) Arjun: I’m sure I had them just here on the table. B) Pari: As I say, if you were a little more organized, you wouldn’t lose things so often. C) Pari: Well, have you tried looking under all those papers? D) Pari: Where did you have them last? E) Pari: I know, and I wish you’d tidy up a little now and again. F) Arjun: Pari, have you seen my reading glasses? G) Arjun: Ah. Here they are. I’ve no idea how they got there. H) Arjun: No, no. They’ve been sitting there for days.
  • Answer
1 = F) // 2= D) // 3 = A) // 4 = C) // 5 = H) // 6 = E) // 7 = G) // 8 = B)

Week: 1st-7th October, 2018

What prefix can go before the following words?
wear stand funded weight
  • Answer
‘under’: underwear, understand, underfunded, underweight