Speak of the Week Archive: November 2017

Week: 27th November – 3rd December

What phrasal verb has the following definitions?
explode (for a bomb) – The bomb ____ ____ sound (for an alarm clock) – My alarm ____ ____ at 8am this morning. decay (for food past its use by date) – Don’t eat that chicken. Can’t you smell it? It’s ___ ___. pass (for an event which happens without problems) – The party was great; it ___ ___ without a hitch.
  • Answer
go off

Week: 20th – 26th November

Which word below completes the following saying?
“If at first, you don’t ______ try, try, and try again.” A)succeed B) understand C) fail D) continue
  • Answer
A) succeed

Week: 13th – 19th November

September, October, November and December were the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th months of the year. Which two months were added so the year had 12 months?
April and May May and June June and July July and August
  • Answer
July and August were added by Roman emperors. July was named by Julius Caesar (100-44 BC) and August was named by Augustus Caesar (63 BC-14 AD).

Week: 6th – 12th November

Decide if words A-D below take the verb ‘make’ or ‘do’.
A) a mess B) your best C) the housework D) a list
  • Answer
A) make a mess, B) do your best, C) do the housework D) make a list

Week: 30th Oct – 5th Nov 2017

What word can go before the following words?
___dog ___top ___ dance ___ record
  • Answer
lap: lapdog, laptop, lap dance, lap record