Speak of the Week Archive: May, 2017


29th May - 4th June

Complete the following phrase with one word, so it means '100% certain':
"without a shadow of a ________"
“without a shadow of a doubt

22nd - 28th May

Which of the following words does not mean 'unwell'?
A) sick B) wicked C) ill D) queasy
B) wicked – this word means ‘evil’ but is also used to mean ‘fantastic’. ‘Sick’ can also be used with this second meaning.

15th - 21st May

What weather word do we use to complete the following sentence meaning 'to take the praise for someone else's efforts'?:

I put in so much work, then she came along with a small change that everyone loved and stole my _______.


8th - 14th May

Choose the correct word to complete the sentence:
"That's the ______ time I've told you not to put your feet on the table. How many more times do I have to tell you?"
A) last B) several C) umpteenth D) endless
C) umpteenth

1st - 7th May

Which 2 verbs below are not normally followed by 'to'?
say, tell