Speak of the Week Archive: June 2018

Week: 25th June – 1st July, 2018

What word comes after doze, drift, and nod to mean ‘unintentionally fall asleep‘?
  • Answer
The word is: off

Week: 18th-24th June, 2018

Which option below, meaning ‘I forgot’, can come after the following sentence:
I didn’t update the quiz last week. A) It just dropped from my brain. B) It simply slipped my mind. C) It just fell out of my head. D) My head simply forgot.
  • Answer
B) It simply slipped my mind.

Week: 11th-17th June, 2018

Match the following expressions with ‘get’ to their meanings:
1. “We got back from the party at 2:30am and went straight to bed.” 2. “I really got into Japanese cuisine when I was studying in Tokyo.” 3. “It was getting dark, so we decided to turn around and head back to the hostal.” 4. “It’s time to get down to some serious, hard work.” 5. “We’ll still be able to catch the flight if we can get through all this traffic.” 6. “I just don’t get why Sally’s with Dave – He’s such an idiot!” A. took a strong interest in B. manage to pass C. arrived home D. start doing something with focus and attention E. understand F. becoming
  • Answer
1.C. / 2.A. / 3. F. / 4.D. / 5.B. / 6.E.

Week: 4th-10th June, 2018

complete the following sentence with one word:
“You might have the looks, but I’m the ______ in this family!” CLue: the word means: ‘intelligent one’
  • Answer
“You might have the looks, but I’m the brains in this family!”

Week: 28th May – 3rd June

If you go crackers, berserk, nuts or bonkers, you go…
A) to sleep B) dancing C) fast D) crazy
  • Answer
D) crazy