Speak of the Week Archive: June, 2017

26th June - 2nd July

Order the parts of the sentence below, to complete a well-known saying, beginning with these words:
"If you... of the get out kitchen." the heat can't stand
“If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

19th - 25th June

Which option below is the best informal way to say, "I've done this all wrong."?
A) "I've made a real pig's ear of this." B) "I've done this a right mess." C) "What a brick I've dropped on this." D) "I've totally donkey-tailed this."
A) “I’ve made a real pig’s ear of this.”

12th - 18th June

Match responses 1-6 to their synonyms, A-F.

1) "I agree." 2) "That's hard to believe." 3) "What was that?" 4) "Getting back to what I was saying" 5) "I understand." 6) "There's an example of what I was just saying."

A) Anway B) See? C) No way! D) Right. E) Sure. F) Eh?

1) = E) / 2) = C) / 3) = F) / 4) = A) / 5) = D) 6) = B)

5th - 11th June

Which verb below can go before fibs, tales, lies and stories?
A) speak B) talk C) tell D) say
C) tell