Speak of the Week Archive: February 2018

Week: 19th - 25th Feb, 2018

In which word below is ‘-age’ pronounced differently?
A) sausage B) cabbage C) collage D) marriage
  • Answer
C) collage – All the other words finish with the sound /ɪdʒ/ as in ‘frIDGE’. Collage, which comes from French, is pronounced /a:ʒ/ as in ‘lARGE’. If we pronounced it like the other words, it would sound the same as ‘college’.

Week: 12th - 18th Feb, 2018

Match the parts below to make phrases about romance.
1. fall madly 2. be your 3. head over 4. can’t keep your 5. love at 6. the love A) mind off her /him B) of your life C) first love D) in love E) heels in love F) first sight
  • Answer
1-D fall madly in love 2-C be your first love 3-E head over heels in love 4-A can’t keep your mind off her / him 5-F love at first sight 6-B the love of your life

Week: 5th - 11th Feb, 2018

Choose the correct definition for the following expression:
“I’m cheesed off!” A) I’m eating too mant dairy products. B) I really need a shower. C) I’m angry about something. D) I don’t believe what you’re telling me.
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Week: 29th Jan - 4th Feb, 2018

Which words below cannot be used to complete the following expression?
“I’d like to go with you, but football’s not my…” A) bag B) thing C) song D) cup of tea
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