Speak of the Week Archive: August 2017

This Week’s Quiz: 27th August – 3rd September, 2017

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Week: 21st – 26th August

Make 4 sentences by matching the parts below.
1) "I don't really like him, because
2) "I don't mind him, and 
3) "I can't stand him, and
4) "It really gets on my nerves when

A) we even meet for a coffee now and again.”
B) the way he thinks he's so great, when really he's a comlplete idiot."
C) he starts putting other people down and going on about how great he is."
D) I think he's quite selfish."
1)-D), 2)-A), 3)-B), 4)-C)

Week: 14th – 20th August

Choose the best option from A-D to complete the following sentence:
"This is the BBC, bringing you all..."
A)  last news.
B) the latest news.
C) the news last. 
D) recent news.
B) the latest news.

Week: 7th – 13th August

Complete the following popular saying:
"If you can't stand the ______, get out of the kitchen!"
“If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!”

Week: 30th July – 6th August

Which sentence below means the person had taken a lot of drugs?
A) "He was drugged up to the nostrils!"
B) "He was sixsheets to the trip!"
C) "He was tripping his head off!"
D) "He was more gone than a rocket!"
C) “He was tripping his head off!”