Speak of the Week Archive: April 2017


24th - 30th April

Which expression below is not used for agreeing?
A) "I see what you mean." B) "I couldn't agree more." C) "You said it." D) "Never better said."
A) “I see what you mean.” (This expression is a polite way of saying “I don’t agree.”.)

17th - 23rd April

Which option below best describes the sound of 'chocolate cake'?
A: /'tʃɑkələt ,kaik/ B: /tjɑk'let ,keik/ C: /'tʃɑkləʔ ,keik/ D: /tʃɑkɑ'leit ,keik/
C: /’tʃɑkləʔ ,keik/

10th - 16th April

Put the sentence in order, from top to bottom. The first word is: We

though it time, even had a all day. We was raining great

We had a great time, even though it was raining all day.

3rd - 9th April

Which expression below is different in meaning from the others?
It's full of It's kind of It's sort of It's like
It’s full of is different. All the other expression mean ‘similar’.

27th March - 2nd April

Decide which word that can go after the following verbs:
(mishandle a situation) mess (invent) make (put on smart or formal clothes) dress (not function properly) play

mess up

make up

dress up

play up