Should’ve Stayed at Home!


When you go on holiday, what do you need to do in your house so everything's good when you get back? E.g. Water the plants or arrange to have them watered.
Spend a few minutes making a list of all the things you need to do.

You should... or...

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2. Can you remember the other 3 ideas?
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3. Now write consequences for the last 2 ideas, using "You should... or..." You will need to make changes to the sentence like this:
If you have any windows where people can see into your house, close blinds or curtains.

You should close blinds or curtains if you have any windows where people can see into your house or they could see there's no-one home.

You Should've known!

Your friend went on holiday without following any of the recommendations, and he's now telling you what a state the house is in. Tell him what he should have done. Example:

Your Friend: When I got back, my plants were all dried up and dead.

You: You should've watered them before you went, or asked me to do it while you were away.

Writing Practice

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