Watch the video below with no sound and describe everything you can. Use a dictionary to find any words you don't know in English. The video is titled 'Procrastination'. Do you know what that means? If you don't, watch the video again and decide what it could mean. When you've finished, click on 'Definition' below the video.
Listen as you watch the video again and complete the exercises below.

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Language Focus: Get (stuff done)
Look at these examples from the video:
    got up / got ready / get a lot of stuff done / got a sponge / got to the grocery store / stuff I needed to get / got home / get some oil / it was getting kind of late / get to bed
The word 'get' in the examples has one of the following meanings: rise, prepare, obtain, arrive, become, go
Match the meanings to each use of get.
There is one example which has none of these meanings, and it is repeated several times in the video. Do you know which it is?
To check, click 'Answer' below.
Get something done
There are two possible meanings for this expression.
    1. Similar to the passive, we say 'get something done' when someone else does something for us.
    For example: "I need to get my hair done."
    Here, the person doesn't cut or style their own hair, but goes to a haidresser or barber. Notice how 'done' is used instead of 'cut, 'washed' or 'styled'. 'Done' is more general.
    Another example: "I'm going to get the kitchen done next week."
    Again, the person will not do the work, but pay a builder or decorator to make improvements to their kitchen. And we also see again how the general word 'done' is used, which is useful when we don't want or need to give details.

    2. In the video, the man is clearly talking about doing 'stuff' himself. He does a lot of other things to avoid sitting down at his desk and getting his 'stuff done'.
    Here 'done' means 'completed'. He could also say, "I need to do my stuff.".
    Another example of this use:
    "You'll never get your homework done at that speed!"
Exercises here soon, when I've got them done!!