Prefixes: im- in- un-

Decide which negative prefix goes before each adjective below.

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2. Quickly read the text below and decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F).

I ran for the bus the other day as I saw it go past. I'm sure the driver could see me. So I thought it was rather unjust that he didn't stop at the bus stop, about 20 metres away. I asked someone sitting at the stop if they knew when the next bus would come along, but he was really rude and told me he wasn't a f*cking bus timetable. I waited for another 20 minutes before starting to feel somewhat irritated. Getting to where I wanted to go on foot was undoable as it was 15 kms away and I only had 40 minutes to get there for a meeting. I took out a cigarette, and immediately someone else at the bus stop said I should put it out because it was harmful and also affected those around me. And then a friend of theirs said that if I wasn't so out of shape, maybe I would have caught the bus. In the end I decided to call a taxi, even though the next bus was already in sight. I wasn't going to share a bus with people who were so unfriendly.

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