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1. How many words can you remember from the poem that relate to cats? Quickly read through the poem again and decide which words refer to the physical qualities of a cat, and what relationship the other words have with cats. 2. Look at the rhyming words at the end of the lines. What vowel sound do they have? How many words with this sound can you find? How are they spelled? 3. Now do the pronunciation matching exercise opposite to practise the different written forms of the sound /ɔ:/.
Someone let the black cat in
Through an open door
Down there in the basement
While I was up on the fourth floor.

And I could hear him slowly climbing
‘Cause the soft pads on his paws
Revealed their true intentions
Through the scratching of his claws.

And though his steady crawling
Was impossible to ignore,
I was ready then, for the black-cat thoughts
On the fabric they once tore.

So be sready when the black cat comes,
His gums on show for war.
Block out the gaps you’ve left perhaps
In you mind and rest assured –

The black cat creeps with dark intent
To pounce upon us all
But voice denied, his growl subsides
As he purrs off down the hall.


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