Pet Reading – Part 5: Gapped Text

International Mine Awareness Day: 4th April

Questions and Answers

What do I have to read?
A short text with 10 gaps.
What type of text is it?
As this part tests both grammar and vocabulary, the text often has a mixture of tenses, contrasting ideas and specific vocabuary. The text could be on any subject.
What do I have to do?
Choose the best obtion from A-D to complete the 10 gaps in the text.
How do I do it?
Read all the text before you fill the gaps. A general understanding will help you decide which word to choose. Decide what type of word goes in the space (noun, verb, preposition etc.) and think of a possible word before you look at options A-D. If you have an idea of what word could go in the space, it will be easier to decide when you see the 4 options. Now look at options A-D and decide which words can't go in the space. It is easier to use a process of elimination, and usually you will only have to decide between 2 options.

Here's an example:

She had been playing the piano ______ she was four, and at just nine years of age gave her first performance with the Glasgow Philharmonic Orchestra.
Before you look at the options below, any idea what the word could be? Now look at options A-D.
  • Options A-D
A) from B) when C) since D) as Let's eliminate 'A) from', because 'from she was four' doesn't make sense. Also, why not remove 'D) as'? 'as she was four' would mean 'because she was four' and that doesn't make sense here either. So, B) or C). You decide!!
So, what's the correct answer for the question above?
Option C) since

Now let's do this part of the exam.

First, read the text quickly, then look up any important vocabulary.
Next, choose the best option to complete each space.
When you have chosen, click ‘NEXT’ and when you have completed the 10 spaces, click ‘FINISH’ to see your result.

Land Mines

Buried explosive devices, or land mines, are used by armies to make movement difficult 1) ______ enemy forces. Heavy mines are 2) ______ to destroy or damage vehicles, especially tanks, and lighter anti-personnel mines to injur soldiers, 3) ______ they can also kill. Both types are normally buried in or along roads or spread 4) ______ a wider area to form minefields. When a war has ended, the land mines 5) ______ active and there are an estimated 110 million active mines in over 70 countries. 2,000 people are involved in landmine accidents every month, 6) ______ is one victim every 20 minutes. 7) ______ 800 of these will die and the rest 8) ______ be left with permanent injuries. 9) ______ 2005, The United Nations declared April 4th 10) ______ International Day for Mine Awareness.

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