PET Reading – Part 2: Matching

Questions and Answers

What do I have to read?
There are 8 short factual texts all related to the same topic. There are 5 descriptions of people and what they are interested in and looking for.
What type of texts are they?
The texts can be reviews, extracts from brochures or descriptions of products, all with a common theme. They typically give information about places, products or entertainment.
What do I have to do?
Match each of the 5 descriptions of people and what they want to one of the eight texts.
How do I do it?
1.Quickly read through the eight texts and note any similarities and small differences that might help you choose one from the other later.

Look below at the 2 texts and do the same:

    C) Action Weekend

    Come to the Action Figure Fair this weekend and get up to 80% discount on all your favourite models. A great day out for the whole family, there will be cinema shows all day with all the best action heroes and you can even meet and talk to them.

    E) Town Fair

    The Fun Fair comes to town this weekend with rides, stalls and fun for all the family. For under 10s there's 50% off all the rides and games, and the older folks can join us for our special Bingo Bonanza with great prizes.

Both texts talk about special offers. In C), there's an 80% discount on models and E) says there's 50% off for under 10s. Both texts also mention the family: 'A great day out for the whole family' / 'fun for all the family'

Small differences include: A) talks about cheaper products, but the discounts in B) are for rides and games. A) includes 'cinema shows' and 'action heroes' but B) says there's 'Bingo Bonanza' for older people.

2. Next, read the description of each of the 5 people and note any specific information.

Look below at the example and do the same:

PETreading2faceExample5. Mary is a grandmother of three small boys and wants to give them a present they can enjoy together. She doesn't have much money and would prefer them to share an experience they will remember than have toys they could get bored with quickly.

Specific information: grandmother/ present / enjoy together / doesn't have much money / share an experience / not toys

So, which option above is correct?

Let's look at our specific information and compare it with options C) and E):

grandmother - option C) mentions 'action heroes' while E) says there's 'Bingo Bonanza' for older people.
present - both options C) and E) could be given as a present
enjoy together / share an experience - both options could be enjoyed together
doesn't have much money - The offer in C) is for cheaper action figure models (which are toys), while E) has 50% off rides and games.
not toys - see last sentence.

So, option E) is the best match for person 2)

Now let's do Reading, Part 2: Matching


The people below all enjoy going to festivals. Read about 8 different festivals. Decide which festival would be most suitable for each person.
A) Fair Village, Morelsey

Welcome to Fair Village, as the name says, a whole village of theatre, street performance and carnival parades. You’ll be amazed and entertained at every turn, whether you’re 5 or 105! And you can leave the kids safe and sleeping in their own child-friendly tent at Faircamp, while you enjoy our great lineup of bands, and dance through the night.

B) Rutledge Music Festival

You won’t need boots or a tent for this festival. Set in the beautiful gardens of Rutledge Manor, enjoy listening to opera and classical concerts every weekend in July and August. If opera isn’t for you, come along later, to the Saturday Night Jazz Party and dance to your favourite funk and jazz hits.

C) Wington Fair Festival

Small, local businesses are invited to attend the village meeting next Saturday to organize stalls for the summer fair next month. All money earned from hiring stalls will go to local charities, while businesses can keep money made on the day of the fair. Hiring costs will be decided by vote at the meeting.

D) Falckey Carnival Festival

Carnival day will start with the amazing annual Boat Parade, followed by the Carnival Procession and Town Fair. Built on an old tradition, many of the events will take place on or beside Falckey River, celebrating the rich, cultural history that has developed along its banks, continuing to this day.

E) Farnwood Canal Festival

Come and celebrate the customs that developed around the canal trade in the heart of the city’s historical centre. The festival includes a boat trip to the industrial museum, and the chance to stop at the different stalls along the way, where local people, dressed in traditional costumes will be selling homemade food and souvenirs.

F) Ganlee Festival

This summer’s festival in June will be a popular, two-week mix of theatre, film, comedy, music and more. Whether you prefer live performances, creative workshops or talks, there will be something for everyone. And while you’re here, why not try the fantasic, local food from our famous bakery and organic farm, and even learn how to prepare our tasty traditional dishes.

G) Bandon Basset Fair

This annual event is a great way for us to come together as a community and celebrate the best of Bandon. There will be live entertainment all day, with music, dancing, animal displays and acrobatics. All money made at the event will go to local charities.

H) Ganeham Rare Animals Fair

A great day out for all the family, enjoy displays, talks and exhibitions all about the strangest and most wonderful animals from land, sea and air. Adults will have the possibility to get up close to some of the most dangerous animals in the world! None of the food or gifts on sale are made with animal products and all money taken will go to helping protect rare animals.

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