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Mom and mommy are used in the United States, Canada, South Africa, Philippines, India and parts of the West Midlands including Birmingham in the United Kingdom.
Mum and mummy are used in the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Hong Kong and Ireland.
Source: Wikipedia

My mum passed away in 2008, but I still say thanks to her sometimes. She was the one who took me for walks in the woods by our house and taught me the names of the different trees and berries. She also taught me it was easier to kill an ant than to create one, which gave me an early sense of how incredible life is. Thanks mum!!
  1. What did your mum say or do, that has stayed with you? Do you ever say thanks or let her know she's appreciated? (You can answer these questions at the end of class on the homework board.)
  2. Do you think the 'letter' in the video below will be mainly critical of mums, complimentary to them or a combination of the two? Watch to find out!



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