Listening: Nuclear Energy Explained


1. What words or images come to mind when you think of the word "nuclear"? Write them down quickly for 2-3 minutes for reference later.
2. Look at the words in the table below the video. How many did you think of? Are there any words which seem strange in this context?
3. Choose 12 of the words / expressions and put them in a 4x3 table or make a list.
4. Watch the video without the sound and tick the words / expressions as you see them.

cooling towersa reactorrainbowa DeLorean car
bubblesgaugesskullsa lightbulb
a wind farmsmokea birda hydroelectric dam
cloudsatomsa barrelelectricity symbol
a radioactive symbola bomb / missilea video gamean aeroplane
a mushroom cloudskyscrapersneutronsa window shade

Which 2 expressions aren’t in the video?


5. Watch the video again, this time with the sound up, and complete the tasks below.

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Sentence Transformation

6. Change sentences 1-6 below, keeping the same meaning.

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