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Adrian González
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The golden anniversary of my grandparents, is celebrated on fifty years of marriage.

I remember when I parked the car I was surprised to see the landscape. You could see the sea and the montains, the city of Málaga and the castle all of this from above. We were all dressed up, the women in new dresses they bougth for this occasion, and the men in their suits and their shirts and ties. 

The food really was very good and there was no waiting. I think you had the possibility to choose between two different menus, one with the main fish dish and the other with meat. 

After finishing aeting, my mother's aunts, or my grandmother's sisters, took out a bag containig the anniversary gift; for my grandmother a pink gold watch and for my grandfather an Omega watch, both with the date engraved on the back.

It's a memory that always brings a smile to my face.

It's a day I'll always remember.

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