International Women’s Day


How equal are men and women in your country? What gender differences exist? Have you experienced any discrimination (positive as well as negative) becuase of your gender? (You can answer these questions on the message board at the end of this class.)


1. You’re going to read an article about women’s rights in Spain.
Before you do, look at the first sentence below and decide what word goes in each space.
When you’ve decided, click ‘Answer’ below.
“Spain’s come a long way since the 1)______ days of Gen Francisco Franco when a woman’s role was 2)______ in the home and she needed permission from her husband to…”
  • Answer
1) dark, 2) firmly
2. The sentence finishes with four things women needed permission for from their husbands.
Think of what those things could have been, then click ‘Answer’.
  • Answer
“…she needed permission from her husband to get a job, open a bank account, own property or even travel away from home“.


1. The articles goes on to talk about five ways in which women in modern Spain are discriminated against.
Can you think of what any of these could be?
When you’ve finished, quickly read through the article below to indentify them.

2. Now answer the reading comprehension questions below.

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Over to You

Share your thoughts, experiences and links to issues related to women's rights on the board below.