I Played a Game


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1. Read the poem and think about the last time you did the activities.

Author: Ken Nesbitt
Link: Poetry For Kids (opens in new window)
© 2015 Kenn Nesbitt. All Rights Reserved.

I played a Game

I played a game.
I rode my bike.
I had a snack.
I took a hike.
I read a book.
I watched T.V.
I built a fort.
I climbed a tree.
I surfed the web.
I played guitar.
I caught a bug
inside a jar.
I called my friends.
I dug a hole.
I kicked a ball.
I scored a goal.
I had a swim.
I learned to skate.
I played with toys.
I stayed up late.
It’s fair to say
I do like school,
but even more, though,
weekends rule!

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End of Class

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Past Time Expressions

When did you last... / when was the last time you... (Class with explanation and more practice HERE) Look at the questions below and match them to the responses.

1. …played a game?

2. …rode a bike?

3. …had a snack?

4. …read a book?

5. …watched T.V.?

6. …called a friend?

7. …had a swim?

8. …stayed up late?

A: Oh, I just finished one the other day. It was a novel by J.K.Churchly.

B: Well, the last time was when I was very small. It was a three-wheeler!

C: Just the other day, actually. My friend has a pool in her garden.

D: A couple of weeks ago I played chess with my mate John. Yeah, I think that was the last time.

E: Don’t tell anyone, because I’m on a diet! But on the bus here*, I had a small bar of chocolate!

F: What, an all-nighter, like until 5 a.m.? I can’t remember when I last did that.

G: Last Friday, I rang my best friend Sarah to, you know, meet up for a drink and that.

H: I suppose it was like, 3 or 4 days ago. A nature documentary, I think. I like them**.

* The word ‘here’ is emphasized more than ‘bus’ because the person is speaking about their journey to here on the bus, not that they are here, now on the bus. Changing the stress (emphasis) changes the meaning!
**Here, the word ‘them’ is emphasized because the speaker wants to say s/he likes documentaries more than other types of programme. (S/he probably doesn’t watch much T.V. because it was ‘3 or 4 days ago’. If s/he puts the stress on ‘like’, it sounds a little strange (because it doesn’t form part of the answer to the question.)

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