Football Manager Expressions

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In this class, we will...
  • listen to 16 expressions used by football managers.
  • decide when they are used (before, during, or after the match).
  • group the expressions by tone (for example: inspirational, critical...) Private access
1. Listen, and choose the correct option from A-C below:
a) I expected you to winb) I'm expecting you to winc) I expect you'll win
2. Do you know the meaning of expect? Definition Here

Notice how expression a) and b) have 'to' like the definition above. But expression c) doesn't have 'to' and means 'I imagine this will happen' because it is normally what happens, and so it's what I anticipate.
3. Now look at the following expressions and use a dictionary to check their meaning:

A) had a bad runB) their money's worthC) keep that in mindD) a comeback
E) to cheerF) far from pleasedG) pat on the back
H) don't stand a chanceI) don't give them an inchJ) wasn't our day
4. Listen, and put expressions A-J in the order your hear them
5. Listen again, and decide if each expression is said...

    before the match
    at half-time
    at full-time

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