Flip Cards: Creativity – Phrasal Verbs with ‘Up’

1. Listen to each word as your read the written form.
2. Flip the card and read the definition.
3. Say the word to complete the sentence below. (Flip the card back to check if necessary.)
4. Listen again to compare your pronunciation.

follow up on

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do something connected to an action that happened before

“We should ____ up on the great success of the film by making a sequel.”

pass up

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fail to take advantage of an opportunity

"You don't get these chances often in life, so I think you'd be a fool to _______ it up.

make up for

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compensate for something bad with something good

"That one sale _____s up for all the extra production costs."

take up

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fill an amount of space or time

"I think it still _____s up too much space. Can't you make it just a little bit smaller?"

Let's Check

Match the verbs to the definitions.


1. Complete the sentences from the cards and listen to check.

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