Domestic Violence


Is domestic violence a problem in your country?

Some recommended reading:

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1. Look at these situations and decide if you think the person speaking is a man or woman?

  • A) “S/he spends all day just going on and on at me. I just can’t handle it when s/he’s like that. And sure, sometimes I like, snap.”

  • B) “S/he was out last night and s/he won’t tell me who with. I’ve got a right to know.”

  • C) “If s/he doesn’t listen to me, what does s/he expect?”

What made you come to your conclusions?
The situations above show jealousy and frustration.
What else makes people in relationships get violent with their partner?

2. Watch the first minute of the video below and decide why the couple are fighting.
Which of the situations above is similar?

What do you think about people’s reactions?
Was it right for people to intervene?
Would the same thing happen where you’re from?

3. Watch the second part of the video and again, decide why they are fighting. (Choose from situations A-C above)
How do people react this time?
Do you find this surprising?

Click “Sart” to reload.

What does the difference in language between parts 1 and 2 tell us about domestic violence?

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