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Answer to Intro on previous page


And the answer is… C)!

A) No, because a main meal is ‘dinner’ with double ‘n’ pronounced /dIn/. ‘Diner’ with only one ‘n’ is pronounced /daI/ and has a different meaning.

B) No, because although a diner can be a person who eats at a restaurant, in this context ‘Tom’s Diner’, wouldn’t make much sense (though ‘Tom’s Dinner Guest’ would!).

C) Yes!! A diner is an American word for a roadside restaurant like the one in the picture above by Edward Hopper.

Tom's Diner - a song by American singer Suzanne Vega.

1. Look at the verbs below from the song and make sure you understand what they mean.


2. Now decide what other words you imagine could be in the song. 
E.g. 'open' + 'the door' or, 'sit' + 'down' / 'at the bar'.

1. Listen to the song and check your ideas.

Look at the following prepositions:

of    at    through    to    behind    inside    in    *outside    for    on

How many examples of each preposition can you hear in the song? (There may be only one example of a word.)

*outside - can be a noun, adjective, adverb or preposition. In the song it is used as a noun 'the outside' See HERE for the different uses.

As you listen to the song, make a note of how the preposition is used. E.g. 'In' + 'the morning'.

Now complete the quiz below and check with the video when you finish.

Choose the correct preposition.