Welcome to the advanced level debate centre.

'debates@8' is a project I'm developing with my advanced students who have class at... you guessed it, 8 o'clock (p.m. fortunately!). I'd like to thank Angie, Cristina, David and Eva for generating the debate topics and motions that start all the debates.

Listed below are the topics for debate.
Feel free to join in the chat or post to the board, where you can write a message and upload a document or mp3.
As these topics are controversial, please be mindful of the language you use, and respect other people's opinions. Anyone abusing these simple house rules will be banned from the site.

Enjoy debating!!

List of Debates

Nuclear Disarmament – This house proposes the scrapping of nuclear weapons.
Is There Anybody Out There? – This house proposes that there is life outside our planet.
Should domesticated animals (pets) be banned? This house is currently developing for/against arguments.