28 Sep

Back to School – First Lesson of the Year

So, it’s back to school for another academic year, and today’s class with my A2.2 group was about what we did over the summer.
In the class we…

  • …looked at the pronunciation of the question, “How was your summer?”
  • …practised the question form “Did you +  simple present?” to ask about statements in simple past.
  • …wrote about what we did over the summer and focused on sentence structure.
  • …asked and answered with short form, “Yes, I did.” and, “No, it wasn’t me.”
  • …wrote follow-up questions to develop conversation skills.
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21 May

Info-Gap Map (from Scratch!)


This is a class I did with my A2.1 students.
The original idea comes from a worksheet at bogglesworldesl.com (link is to .doc)
But rather than just practise giving directions, I got them to create the whole thing… from scratch!
In the class, we…

  • …followed instructions and did regular concept checking.
  • …collaborated in decision making.
  • … came up with street names. (Street, Road, Avenue, Lane, Circus, Way)
  • …revised names for places and businesses.
  • …revised and extended prepositions for location.
  • …practised giving directions.
  • …had lots of fun building up to the main task, making it more engaging.
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16 May

Magic Square

Setting it up

The rules I give my students are:

  • Words have to be three letters or more.
  • You can move in any direction – horizontally, vertically or diagonally. But each letter must connect with the next, so you can’t jump squares.
  • When you’ve used a square in a word, you’re not allowed to use it again in that word.
  • You should try to find 15 words or more in 4 minutes.
  • Example: ‘said‘ But not ‘adds’ because it repeats ‘d’ and not ‘sat’ because you jump to ‘t’.

Spend a couple of minutes and see how many words you can find in the square.

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