Change the World: Make Your Bed!


Do you get up in the morning like me, thinking about breakfast and the day ahead? If you do, perhaps making your bed is a low priority. My morning routine consists of having a shower, getting dressed and making breakfast, which I have at the computer while I check my emails, this website and the news. By then, my bed is the last thing on my mind! So the bedsheets get left where they were when I got up, and they'll be like that when I go to bed. Apparently, this isn't very good, and an inspiring speech by an ex Admiral in the US Seals explains why.


Before you watch the video, make a note of all the words you know related to the word ‘bed’.

Now watch the video, and tick all the words from your list that you hear.
Also, just for fun, how many times does the Admiral say ‘bed’?

When you finish watching, check here:
  • 'Bed' words in the video

foot of the *rack* *Navy term meaning 'bed'

And he says 'bed' 7 times, but surprisingly never says 'make the bed':
Inspect my bed
make our bed
make your bed
making your bed (x2)
a bed that is made
a made bed


1. Watch the video again, and do the comprehension exercise below.

Click ‘Start’ to reload the exercise.

2. For each sentence below, write a word from the video.
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