Cambridge PET Speaking Page4

Here you can see the dialogue with the expressions from the last exercise included:

V: The photograph is the best one.
C: Um… Maybe with the photo we can like give her a t-shirt.
C: And WHY DON’T WE sign it? 2
V: Yeah,  in the t-shirt LET’S sign and write some things.3
V: Um…
C: Maybe she can use it while she’s training tennis. WHAT DO YOU RECKON? 5
V: Yeah, ha-ha. (Other agreeing expressions: Sure, Why not?, That sounds great, Brilliant idea) 6
C: Yeah, it will be nice. So LET’S give her the photo and the t-shirt.7
V: And the t-shirt, yeah.
C: And…
V: Because the clock is not useful…
C: No, 8 (Use short answer form and if possible, explain: IT ISN’T, BECAUSE…)
V: …she has already…
C: Not even the raquet.
V: No.
C: No.
V: Um…
C: I don’t know. WHAT DO YOU THINK? 9
V: The bag, she has, maybe she’s got a lot of bag.
C: Yeah, she has a lot of them. (GOOD- Agreeing and explaining!)10
V: Yeah.
C: I don’t know, it’s really hard.
V: Yeah.