Cambridge PET Speaking Page3

4. Match the expressions below to the categories, ‘Agreeing’, ‘Disagreeing’, ‘Asking’ and ‘Suggesting’.

Match the expressions to the categories.

Now read the following dialogue from Victoria and Chiara’s discussion and decide which of the expressions above could be used for numbers 1-10.

V: The photograph is the best one.
C: Um… Maybe with the photo we can like give her a t-shirt.
V: Yeah.1
C: We can sign it.2
V: Yeah, in the t-shirt we can sign and write some things.3
C: Yes.4
V: Um…
C: Maybe she can use it while she’s training tennis.5
V: Yeah, ha-ha.6
C: Yeah, it will be nice. So we can give her the photo and the t-shirt.7
V: And the t-shirt, yeah.
C: And…
V: Because the clock is not useful…
C: No.8
V: …she has already…
C: Not even the raquet.
V: No.
C: No.
V: Um…
C: I don’t know.9
V: The bag, she has, maybe she’s got a lot of bag.
C: Yeah, she has a lot of them.10
V: Yeah.
C: I don’t know, it’s really hard.
V: Yeah.