C1 What Makes a Good Friend and Why

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This question came out in the Cambridge CAE Speaking Part 1. It’s one of those questions which seems easy to answer until you try and do it, perhaps because we know instinctively what attracts us to other people, and have never really tried to put it into words. This class looks at what makes a good friend, and the language we can use to describe one.

1. Have a look at the following questions before you do the matching activity below:
What words come into your head when you think of friendship?
Are there any expressions in your language that relate to friendship?
What contrastive language could you use to compare what a good friend is, with other concepts you may have of friendship?

Listen to some opinions and when you finish, do the quiz below.

Match the phrases below with numbers 1-12

2. Now see what you can remember with the quiz below.

complete the text with a word of your choice.

3. Now listen to the audio below before you check.