Virtue and Vice Part1: Virtue


virtuedefinition Source: Google

1. What virtues, for example ‘honesty’, are important to you for being a good person?
Make a list, (using a dictionary if you need to) of 6 virtues.
(You can answer these questions and any others from this class on the interactive board at the bottom of the page.)

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Test your memory of the nouns in the last exercise here at Quizlet. (Link opens on new page.)

Are any of the virtues above on your list? If you had to take 2 off your list and replace them with virtues from the last exercise, which would you choose and why?

3. Read about virtues in Roman times and see how may more words can you find with the suffixes from exercise 2. Roman Virtues (PDF opens on new page.)

4. Were any of the virtues you read about the same as those on your list? Do you think any of the virtues are not as relevant today as they were for the Romans?


5. Before you watch the video below, decide which virtues are important for living in the modern world.

6. Now watch the video and compare the virtues with your ideas.


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9. Now look at the transcript (click on the link below) and paraphrase the description of each virtue including the expressions from exercise 8.
Can you remember the name of each virtue from your notes?
When you’ve finished, check again with the transcript.

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10. Write your answers to questions from this class on the board below.
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