CAE – Reading and Use of English 4


Look at the pictures below and find someone who is...
  • ... waiting for an update on what's happening.
  • ... watching someone being robbed.
  • ... trying hard not to laugh.
  • ... being put under pressure.
  • ... running late for an appointment.
  • ... hoping that things turn out well.
  • ... trying to avoid being identified.
  • ... shaking on a deal.
Have you ever found yourself in any of these situations? (You can write about it on the board at the end of this class!)
  • Answer
waiting anxioulsy for an call = 5, watching someone being robbed = 8, trying hard not to laugh = 2, being put under pressure = 4, running late for an appointment = 7, hoping that things turn out well = 1, trying to avoid being identified = 6, shaking on a deal = 3
1. Going clockwise from the top left, match pictures 1-8 to sentences A-H below.

A) “Don’t worry, they’ll close the deal by Friday. We’ve done loads of business with them and they always keep their word.”

B) “I don’t think she’s forgiven you yet, so I’d keep a low profile for a while until she’s calmed down a bit.”

C) “It’s a popular tourist trap, so keep an eye out for pickpockets and leave anything you don’t need here in the hotel.”

D) “When they start asking you about where you were last night, just stick to your story and keep your cool.”

E) “I’m sorry I’m late. I got so distracted by the carnival that I didn’t keep track of the time.”

F) “We haven’t even got the flights booked yet! Look, I’ll keep you posted on the arrangements as we get it all sorted.”

G) “When he got to the table poor thing, and I saw the end of his tie in the soup, I couldn’t keep a straight face!”

H) “She went into labour about 2 hours ago and they’re saying there’s complications. Let’s keep our fingers crossed it all turns out okay.”

  • Answer
A)=3 B)=6 C)=8 D)=4 E)=7 F)=5 G)=2 H)=1

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