C1 Fame and Celebrity – Listening: Sugarman


Look at the following expressions related to fame. They are listed alphabetically. What others ways of grouping them can you think of? E.g. positive/negative connotations
celebrity, famous, household name, infamous, local hero, megastar, notorious, one-hit wonder, rising star, star, superstar, unknown, wannabe, well-known
Click 'Answer' below when you have 3 or 4 different ways to organize the words.
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Possible ways of organizing these words:

positive/negative connotations
levels of fame (least to most famous)
syllable stress
short/long vowel sounds, diphthongs, other pronunciation.

Well done if you thought of any other ways of organizing these words. Use the board at the end of class to let me know!!

Video watching

1. Watch the trailer to the documentary and decide which word from the Introduction describes the singer Rodriguez’ level of fame in:

A) Detroit, America.
B) Cape Town, South Africa.

When you’ve decided, click ‘Answer’ below.

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A) Detroit, America: Unknown - "Nobody had even heard of him." 
B) Cape Town, South Africa: megastar - "He was... bigger than Elvis, much bigger than The Rolling Stones."

If you had problems answering this question, here's the transcript to read before you continue to the next listening exercise. Try reading the transcript without watching the video, wait a few minutes, then watch the video and answer the questions below. Transcript (Document open on new page.)
2. Decide whether the following statements are true, false or not mentioned.

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Full transcript here (Link opens on new page.)

Conversation / Writing

4. Look at the press reviews for the documentary below and use the adjectives to talk about films, books or music you love, which fit the descriptions. Share your ideas with us on the board below.
Powerful, Uplifting and Unforgettable, Dazzled and Confused An extraordinary journey. David Ewards, Daily Mirror Fascinating. A must-see. Anna Smith, Empire Wonderful. As heart-warming a tale as you'll see all year. Mojo Stunning. One of the greatest and most moving documentaries ever made. Ali Caterall, Q