Breaking Bad Habits


1. Is there anything you do just out of habit? 2. Do you have any nasty habits? 3. Have you ever tried to kick a habit? Did you manage to give it up? See the above meanings of HABIT. (Link opens on new page.) You can answer these questions on the interactive board at the end of class.


1. Watch the video and make a note of the bad habits Judson Brewer mentions.
When you finish, click “Answer” below.
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Habits Judson Brewer mentions:
  • “urge to check our Twitter feed”
  • “try eating something good so you’ll feel better”
  • “eat chocolate or ice cream when we’re mad or sad, we feel better.”
  • “So we start smoking.”
  • “feel this urge to check your email
  • “compulsively respond to that text message

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Full transcript with video: Judson Brewer: A simple way to break a bad habit

3. Do a crossword using vocabulary from this class: Bad Habits Crossword (Link opens on new page.)