Reading Comprehension


1.Quickly read the short text below.


Broken Silence Everything's fine. It's a lovely Saturday afternoon in July, and nothing can disturb that relaxing feeling. That is, until somewhere nearby the sound of arguing breaks through the silence. Someone doesn't think their teenage daughter should go to some party, and she makes it very clear to everyone in the neighbourhood that she doesn't agree. No-one can escape the slamming of doors, breaking glass and strong language that contrast with the satisfying sensation of a nap in the garden after lunch. Before long, there's noise coming from everywhere and it seems there's nowhere to go to get a bit of peace and quiet. Something tells me our noisy neighbours have acted like an alarm clock saying, "Wake up everyone! Siesta time's over.". And I smile to myself, wondering if anyone else has made the same connection.

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2. Choose which of the 2 options below best describes the text.

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