02 Dec

Speak of the Week Archive: December 2019

This week’s quiz: 2nd-8th December, 2019

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04 Jun

June 2018

That month LLT asked you…
  • …to write the particle which follows doze, drift and nod to mean, ‘unintentionally fall asleep‘.
  • …to choose the correct expression meaning “I forgot”.
  • …to match phrases to phrasal verbs with get.
  • …to complete an expression with a word meaning, ‘intelligent one’.
  • …to choose the correct definition for crackers, berserk, nuts and bonkers.
30 Jul

August 2017

That month LLT asked you…
  • …to order the words to make a saying from a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson.
  • …to make sentences by matching different clauses.
  • …to choose the best option to finish the sentence, “This is the BBC, bringing you all…”
  • …to complete a popular saying.
  • …which sentence means the person had taken a lot of drugs.