B2/C1 Vocabulary: Weather

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air pressure arid average black ice blizzard blowing a gale blustery bobble hat breeze brewing brolly chattering chilly choppy chuck it down close (adj) cold front cold snap cold spell cyclone deadly dew downpour downwind drizzle drought dry dust dust storm easterly flood flooding flurry fog bank frost gale (force) global warming gust hail hazardous heatstroke heatwave humid humidity hurricane hypothermia

isobar jet steam landslide lightning melt meteorologist meteorology met. office ozone mild millibars mittens moisture monsoon muggy northerly overcast pour down (phr v) precipitation predict puddle raindrop rainfall raining cats and dogs relative humidity sandstorm scorching shelter shiver shower sleet slush smog snowflake snowstorm soaked southerly spitting splash sticky storm(y) strip off (phr v) sub-zero suffer sunburn sunstroke suntan sweaty

thermometer threatening thunder tornado torrent torrential tremble trudge twister typhoon uncomfortable updraft upwind warm front weather forecast weather girl weatherman weather station westerly whirlwind white horses whiteout windchill windchill factor windsock wind vane wrap up (phr v)

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