B2/C1 Vocabulary: Trade and Commerce

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acquisition ad(vert)(ise)(ment) affordable agency agreement agricultural aisle automated automatic telling machine (ATM) automation award-winning banking bankrupt bankruptcy bargain barter bid (n + v) blueprint bond brand(ing) break even buy out (phr v) buy up (phr v) campaign capitol cash cash 'n' carry cash back checkout cheque (book) chief executive officer (CEO) child exploitation consume(r) consumerism consumption copyright credit card crises crisis currency deal (v + n) decline (n) defective delivery deposit (n) direct (v) direct (adhj.) debit directive director disposable(s) diverse diversify downturn durable e:commerce earn a living economical economics economy exchange exchange rate exclusive factory fair trade fake finance financial follow up (phr v) forced labour fork lift truck franchise

gain global globalization gross hire holding company hole in the wall income industrial industrialization industrialized industry infrastructure innovate innovation innovative interest rate inventory invest(ment) label labour launch lease (n + v) liability liable license(e) limited company (LTD) limited offer liquidation livestock logistical logistics loyalty card luxury mailing list make a loss manage(ment) manager market forces marketing mark up (n) mark up (phr v) mass-produced mass production middleman money-back guarantee multinational negotiate negotiation net niche order (n + v) order picking out of stock over-produce packaging pact (n + v) pallet parity part exchange partnership patent payment plan policy process (n + v) production line profit profitable prototype public limited company (PLC)

quality control limitation quantitative easing rally (v) recall (n + v) reduced research and development (R&D) restock rolling stock sales wo/man save up (phr v) sector service contract share shareholder ship (v) shipment shop online slash small print small trader special offer speculate speculation speculative sponsor sponsorship standing order stock stock control stock market stocktake strategy sweatshop takeover (n) take over (phr v) taxation terms and conditions throwaway (adj) till trade in (phr v) trademark trader trolley turn out (phr v) turnover turn over (phr v) valuation value added tax (VAT) warehouse warranty while stocks last wholesale working model

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