B2/C1 Vocabulary: Town and Country

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act on (phr v) adaptation agencies allotment anthropologist approach arbitrate barn beaten up (adj.) beneficial benefit biodiversity boundary bridge (v) broken-down brownfield site bulldozer bungalow bylaw bypass capitalism cardboard carnivore cash crop civilisation claim coexist collapse come down to (phr v) come upon (phr v) commodities commuter companion compost congestion consolidate consume consumerism contaminants contamination cosmopolitan cottage court case crop cut back (phr v) cutbacks cyclical damages(n) defence degrade demographic demonstration dense density depopulation deserted destruction development digger drain (v) draw up (phr v) dune dwell dweller dwelling ecological ecosystem edge efficient endangered exploit extinct extinction

face up to (phr v) facilities farmer feral fertile fertiliser firewood folklore foul(-smelling) (adj) grassland gutter habitat hang around (phr v) harvest  hedge(row) herbivore herd hide out (phr v) high rise highway horticulture household humid industrial(ised) infrastructure injustice insulated interface invasive irrigation isolated itch jurisdiction keep up (phr v) kindle(n) labour lagoon landfill landscape leak (n + v) leap livelihood lobby (v) mansion market garden materialistic metropolitan moisture multi-functional multistory negotiate nomadic nutrients nutrition omnivorous orchard organism pack (n) panorama partnership passionate pasture placate plain planning point the finger at policies pollute prosecute prosecution protection protest (n + v) put down (phr v) put it down to

rare raw materials rebellion recycling plant regional reliance remote renew renovate requisition resources roadworks rubbish dump sanitation scarce seasonal (semi-)detached services settle(r) sewerage shelter shepherd sign up (phr v) single file sociological source(n + v) species sprawling squat(ter) stability stand off (phr v) steep stench step in (phr v) sting stronghold subsistence suburban sue (v) survival sustainable terraced territory outlying thatched threat(en) throw out (phr v) toxic tractor trade twitch untreated urban valley vast vegetation vehement view warehouse wash away (phr v) waste (n + v) waterfall wilderness wildlife woodland wounded