Advanced Vocabulary: The Universe

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 abrupt abyss accelerate accelerator airlock align alpha wave antimatter asteroid astrological astrology astronomer astronomy astrophysics atmosphere atom aurora background ball of fire barren beta wave big bang binary black hole blue shift bounce  boundary break up (phr v) burn up (phr v) burst capsule carbon carbon dioxide cataclysm cell charge (n) chart circumference collapse collide collider collision comet composed of composition confute(d) constellation consume cool down (phr v) core cosmic (soup) cosmology crash into (phr v) crater creation(ism) creationist creator crust dark matter debris decay dense density destruction destructive diameter die out (phr v) dimension discovery disintegrate disintegration disk distort(ion) drift (n + v) dynamic(s)

edge electron element(s) elementary elliptical emerge emission emit engage eon evolution evolution(ary) evolve expansion explode explosion exponential(ly) fade fade away/out (phr v) finite fireball fission fissure flare (n + v) flux form (n + v) fuel fuse fusion galactic galaxy gamma wave gaseous glow (n + v) gravitational gravity grow half-life (n) halo heat-resistant heat up (phr v) helium hemisphere huge hydrogen hypothesis impact (n) implode infinite infinity interplanetary interstellar ion iron kinetic life form light speed light year magellanic cloud magnetic make contact with Martian massive matter (n) mechanics mechanism meltdown meridian metallic meteor meteorite microscope microscopic microwave Milky Way millisecond molecular molecule molten nano machine nebula(e) neutron noble gases northern lights nucleus nutrino

observable observation observe observatory orbit organic organism origin(s) outer limits outer space oxygen particle physicist physics planetary plasma pole portal proton pulsar quantum quark radiate radiation radio waves re-entry reach(n+v) red dwarf red shift relativity roam rotate rotation(al) rover satellite seismic sheer(v) shimmer shrink (v) shuttle signal slingshot slow down (phr v) solar wind spacesuit spacewalk sparkle spatial spectrometry speed up (phr v) spin (v + n) steady state stellar string theory (sub)atomic sub-zero substance sunspot supernova surface telescope theoretical theorist theory time travel trace (n + v) transmission transmit vacuum void (n) voyage warp wavelength weightless whizz past x-ray zenith zoom zoom in/out (phr v)
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