Advanced Vocabulary: Serious Business

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accomplice acquaintance ad(vert)(isement) advertise admission admit advice advise adviser agreement  allege anonymous(ly) antique apologize apology attend (to) auction authentic(ate) authorize automated awareness bait (n + v) banknotes bargain barter be fooled bet (n + v) betting shop bid blatant blurb bogus bribe(ry) cash transfer cheat(ing) cheque claim (n + v) coins cold calling compulsive con (n + v) conceal confidence trick confiscate conman consult(ancy) contract (n + v) copyright corrupt(ion) crack down on (phr v) credit card crook (n) currency damaged deal (n + v) dealer deceive deception deft discount disguise dishonest distract do a runner dress up (phr v) dubious embezzle entrust (with) evaluate evaporate exchange extort(ion) fail(ure) fake fee feedback financial fine (n + v) flaw(less) fool someone into forge forger(y) fragile fraud fund (n + v)

gamble (n + v) genuine get away with (phr v) get fleeced get rich quick goods grab greed(y) guilt hand in (phr v) hand over (phr v)  harass hard-sell high-quality hooked hot air imitation immune (from) incur (in)distinguish(able) insist (on) insurance intimidate intimidation invoice keep your nerve knock out (phr v) launder lawsuit lawyer leg it legitimate liar liquidation listing loan lot (n) make out (phr v) (mal)practise mass-produced middleman misspell mortgage negotiate obligation oblige(d) off-balance offer (n + v) official overpay pack of lies pass off (as) paste (n) patent pay back (phr v) pay out (phr v) pay over the odds pay up (phr v) pension perpetrate phony pick up on (phr v) point the finger at policy pose as predator(y) prize promise (n + v) protect(ion) purchase (n + v)

questionable quote (n) recover recruit refund (n + v) refurbish relationship report (n + v) reputable reputation restore retribution revenge rip off (n+phr v) sale salesman savvy scam scare scrutinize scrutiny second-rate seduce send down (phr v) shove sleight of hand small change small print smart solicitor sophisticated stimulus sting (n + v) sum swindle tend to terms and conditions the God honest truth too good to be true trade(r) trademark transaction transparent trick(ster) (un)aware uniform (adj) (un)reasonable unsolicited unsuspecting (un)trace(able) upfront vanish vendor vet (v) victim victimize vulnerable warehouse white lie winnings withdraw(al) worth worthless
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