B2/C1Vocabulary: The Human Story

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achievement adapt adaptation adaptive adolescence adolescent adoptive adulthood affair aging agnostic appearance argumentative arrogant atheism atheist athletic attitude behave belief biblical boast bossy breakdown (n + phrv) break up (phr v) bring up(phr v) build up(phr v) bushy carer celebration celebrity cell ceremonial ceremony character Christianity clone collaborate collaboration collaborative colonize condition confidence conflict conflictive conscientious considerate cosmetic cult curly degenerative dementia democracy democratic(ally) dependence (on) development dictatorship disagreement disbelief disease disorder (n) dispute divorce D.N.A. dominant dominate dwell dweller dwelling

easy-going eccentric educational elite elitism elitist embryo environment escalate ethnicity expression f(o)etus face-lift factor fail(ure) faith fall in love fall out (phr v) fame feature fit (adj) fitness gender gene generation genetically get on (with) govern governance government habitual hazel health hereditary hierarchy Hinduism hooked hormonal hormone humanism humanist identical ill illness immigrant immigrate immigration immortality independent infamous infirm inform inhabit inhabitants inherit irritable irritating Islam Judaism lack likeness loyal(ty) make up (phr v) mandate mannerism marriage middle-aged miscarriage modesty monogamy mutate mutation mutual narrow-minded negotiate negotiation neurotic

offended old age open-minded orphan(age) overcrowded palid peer(n) period personality polygamist pool (n + v) prayer pregnancy puberty publication publicity publicize publish quarrel raise rationalism rationalize regressive relationship relative reliable resolution resolve responsibility reunite ritualistic role/rôle routine row (v) sect selection self-disciplined senility sensible sensitive settle(r) settle down (phrv) share sibling skin tone sovereign (adj) speak your mind stage (of life) stubborn succeed success successful surroundings take in (phrv) talent tanned theory trait trust (in) trustworthy turned up twin unique upbringing war weep widow(er) wisdom worship youngster youth youthful

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